From a comprehensive Concept Master Plan to Property Evaluations, Porvenir Design provides a suite of services which can be customized to meet your goals and budget. In addition we offer implementation, sourcing, and project management support, employee training and permaculture education services. Please contact us to learn more about deliverables, expectations, and costs.


Concept Master Planning

A concept master plan is a document that details the vision and goals of a project while providing an extensive overview and map of a site's potential layout. It is often accompanied by details and graphics of the most pertinent systems, planting schematics, implementation guidelines, management plans, and enterprise budgets.

It is ideal for projects that feature multiple phases of implementation, complex landscapes, or many different types of enterprises and systems. The design process involves a great deal of client interaction and significant time on site to complete the necessary site assessments and mapping details.

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Rapid Site Design

A comprehensive site visit that leaves the client with a concept map in their hand. This is often accompanied by off-site research and a more in-depth analysis and recommendations of a particular system or two.

This is an ideal approach for exploring a specific agricultural enterprise, creating a base map for a property, or mapping the full suitability of a landscape. You will be empowered with a comprehensive set of tools for taking the next steps toward project implementation.


Property Evaluations

A pre-purchase evaluation will quickly let your team know if a property will meet your goals and project’s needs. This can also function as the first step in a larger planning process.

Let us help you find the property of your dreams. Tell us what you are seeking and we will use our extensive network to help find the piece of land that is right for you.


Educational Services

Members of our team regularly teach workshops on permaculture design, water management, agroforestry and more. We can travel to your site to train and educate your community or staff on a large diversity of agricultural techniques and systems.

Our blog shows upcoming workshops that members of our team are teaching.


Project Oversight & Management

Putting a plan into action requires building a team of experts, training employees, and sourcing materials. Implementation assistance, regular oversight follow up, and design feedback can create a smooth roll out of any project. Our team is able to lead up or train your team to accomplish this work. Regular follow up visits allow us to slowly guide implementation work toward the desired vision.


Design Details

We can provide technical specifications and designs for a number of specific site elements and systems. Examples include rainwater harvesting systems, composting toilets, plant nurseries, biochar systems, greywater collection, biofertilizer foliar sprays, irrigation design and layout, and many more.

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Walk and Talk Consultation

A one day visit to familiarize our team with the site conditions, client goals, and design opportunities and challenges. This is a great option for clients looking for feedback, trouble shooting and brainstorming on the work they have already done.

The visit is a boots on the ground event, where together with the client we explore the site, answer questions, and provide recommendations. You will step away with a host of ideas and strategies for your site and a greater understanding of its suitability toward different ends.