Scott Gallant

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Scott Gallant is an agroforester, food system designer, and permaculture educator with a vision and passion for developing productive landscapes. He has been working at Rancho Mastatal Sustainability Education Center (Mastatal, Costa Rica) since 2009, where he leads an industrious team to cultivate 15 acres of emerging tropical agroforest. Scott is passionate about regenerative agriculture, holistic thinking, ethnobotany, community development, and re-skilling, and teaches Permaculture Design Certification courses in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

He has traveled extensively in Latin America, leading to a love of its culture, food, and ecosystems. When he's not designing landscapes, he still makes time to hike, bike, read, and work on his basketball jump shot and frisbee throw. Scott  writes for the Permaculture Research Institute and has been featured on the Permaculture Voices podcast. He graduated from Wabash College in 2008 with a degree in Economics. 

You can find him on instagram here.

Sam Kenworthy


Sam Kenworthy is a water systems specialist and landscape manager with nearly a decade of experience in the tropics. He has experience designing and developing educational curriculum for students of all ages, particularly focused on conservation, practical skill building, and applied research. Originally from the east coast of the United States, Sam currently resides on the southern Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. 

Dedicated to continued learning and improving his skill sets, he is passionate about self sufficiency, water management, generating more and better yields, and well executed design for human eco-systems. Experienced in working in a wide variety of environments, he enjoys the process of designing around problematic landscapes. Sam holds a B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Political Science and Hispanic Studies.

You can find him on instagram here.

Mitch Haddad


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Mitch Haddad, is the co-owner and Education Director at Project Bona Fide, on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua. He has been with Project Bona Fide since 2011. He is passionate about cross cultural exchanges, experiential education, and integrating permaculture systems with rural Nicaraguan life.

He has experience working with a number of student groups, universities, and gap year programs Where there be Dragons, Leap Now, and Carpe Diem Education. He is also the in-country Director of GiveLove, an NGO working towards improving eco-sanitation worldwide, and the COO of a sustainable hospitality project on the coast, Casa Oro.

He graduated from Providence College in 2009 with a BA in Political Science and a focus on Latin American studies.

Jorge Salazar

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Jorge Salazar Garcia is a cacao farmer and consultant, chocolate maker and educator. He has worked as a simultaneous translator for over 10 permaculture courses at both Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica and Project Bona Fide, Nicaragua.

He grew up on his family's cacao farm in rural Costa Rica and has extensive knowledge and experience implementing and managing productive landscapes following organic and permaculture principles. With his family he started La Iguana Chocolate and is the driving force behind their tree to bar chocolate business.

Naturally curious, he thrives on opportunities to continue learning, travelling and developing new skills. Since his studies in sustainable tourism management he continues to be an insatiable reader, often halfway through multiple books on a wide range of topics. In his free moments he is most happy in nature, playing football for the local team, working in his ever expanding agroforestry system and adding to to his collection of tropical fruits and speciality trees.